Clown Me In mainly performs on the streets of Lebanon (though we don’t miss an opportunity to perform abroad, either), as well as in refugee camps and for disadvantaged and/or rural communities. Our performances aim to help our audiences discover the healing effect of laughter, and most importantly, to tackle their problems through clowning and play.

We aim to stimulate imaginations and break down language barriers, by exploring personal stories and journeys through the use of physical art forms, such as clowning and storytelling.

Our approach to storytelling involves community participation, which is why we always spend time with communities to hear their stories, process feelings and emotions together and understand their way of living as well as their needs. Our performances are simple and soulful. They touch on critical life issues such as violence, human rights, the environment, crises around us, and many others. They are highly visual and physical and often do not require the understanding of a specific language. 

Although children love our performances, we aim to engage all age groups – even the moodiest teenagers get involved!

All of our work relies heavily on audience interaction and engagement, more than passive observation. Our audiences are “protagonists”. We believe that this is a much more democratic way of working and enables audiences to be co-creators of their own experiences.

We offer workshops after the shows depending on the size of the audience and the possibility of dividing them into sub groups.

For children we offer:

  1. Gymnastic ribbons
  2. Giant bubbles
  3. Hula hoop
  4. Kazoo/Music

Every year, in collaboration with international clown partners and donors, we devise a new show about the most critical issues we are dealing with and suffering from and tour it around Lebanon.

Our performances change people’s lives, by letting them

  • Cope with social challenges through laughter and fun
  • Enjoy art and culture for free and interact with people from all ages and backgrounds
  • Dream and learn through play
  • Advocate for social equality

In addition to our performances, students enrolled in our International Institute for Very Very Serious Studies (IIVVSS) are trained to work with youth groups in different local communities and come up with street performances to reflect the interests and challenges of these communities. For more information about this program, please visit the website of the IIVVSS

Clown Shows

Our clown show is strictly dedicated to an audience of a very limited range from 1 to 120 years old. It is super fun, full of laughter and very interactive. It also tackles serious issues that our clowns believe should be addressed, like bullying, personal hygiene, caring for the environment, sorting and recycling, social interactions, … Continue reading Clown Shows

Clown Attacks

Clown Attacks on the streets of Lebanon – an ongoing street intervention in different areas in Lebanon. We use clowning to raise awareness and fight social injustice. CLOWNS AGAINST TRASH In our ongoing battle against the trash crisis in Lebanon we have staged several Clown Attacks to highlight this very important problem. Read about when … Continue reading Clown Attacks


Invite us to your event or party! Our clowns will perform typical hosting duties, such as greeting guests, taking names and showing them around. This will be carried out in full clown character with spontaneous intermittent clown skits performed amongst guests. We will tailor our intervention to suit the event, wether you are raising awareness for … Continue reading Hosting

The Caravan Series

The Caravan Europe (Hemland) The Caravan Europe is an opportunity to bridge the gap between host communities and refugee communities in Europe who suffer from both a language and cultural barrier. By telling these individual stories we can humanize the ongoing refugee crisis and to open a dialogue between both communities. This is such an important step as we … Continue reading The Caravan Series

CRC; Celebrating the Rights of Children

In 2019, throughout August and September, we teamed up with UNICEF once again to create a brand new touring project called CRC; Celebrating the Rights of Children. إذا حداً عملنا شي ضد حقنا،[ بدنا]  نحاسبه،[و] نكون عارفين شو حقنا- تامر، ١١ سنة If someone does something against our rights, we should hold them accountable and … Continue reading CRC; Celebrating the Rights of Children

6 Rallies Against Measles الرالي الفني للوقاية من مرض الحصبة

جمعية كلاون مي ان بالشراكة مع اليونيسف تنظم “رالي” فني للوقاية من مرض الحص تماشياً مع الحملة الوطنية الحالية لمكافحة الحصبة وشلل الأطفال، ستُنظم ستة “راليات فنية” بهدف حثّ الأهل لتطعيم أطفالهم/ن خلال هذه الحملة كل يوم من 1 حتى 6 كانون الأول، سيقام رالي فني ليوم واحد في واحدة من المناطق الست المختارة صيدا … Continue reading 6 Rallies Against Measles الرالي الفني للوقاية من مرض الحصبة

Clowns Without Borders

BALKAN TOUR 2019 Clown Me In and Clowns Without Borders – USA returned to the Balkan Route, performing for migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Romania. Some of the performances were planned for people with official refugee status, residing in camps. Other performances were for migrants and Roma people who live in temporary camps.  This was the third tour along the Balkan route (previous tours in … Continue reading Clowns Without Borders