Clown Me In performs for different communities facing marginalization and poverty. Our performances aim to give the audience the pleasure of laughing, and most importantly to tackle their problems through clowning and play.
We aim to stimulate imagination and break down language barriers by exploring personal stories and journeys through the use of physical art forms such as clowning and storytelling.
Our approach to storytelling involves community participation which is why we always spend time with the communities we visit to hear their stories, go through feelings and emotions together and understand their way of living and their needs. Our performances are simple and soulful.
We are interested in the relevance of performance to social and cultural concerns.

Our performances usually touch on critical life issues such as hygiene, responsible garbage disposal, violence, right to education and many others. Our performance is based on clown skits, gags and and some classic techniques and scenes.


The performances are highly visual and physical so understanding a specific language is not a prerequisite for enjoying our work. Although children love our performances we aim to engage all age groups – even the moodiest of teenagers have been know to get involved!

All of our work relies heavily on audience interaction and engagement, more than just observers our audiences are “protagonists”. We believe this is a much more democratic way of working and enables audiences to be co-creators of their own experiences.

We propose staging workshops after the shows depending on the size of the audience and the possibility of dividing them into sub groups.


For children we propose:

  1. Gymnastic ribbons
  2. Giant bubbles
  3. Hula hoop
  4. Kazoo/Music

Every year, in collaboration with international clown partners and companies, we devise a new show about the most critical issues we are dealing with and suffering from and we tour it around Lebanon. You can have more info about our Clown Tour 2017 here and watch the highlights here.

Read more about the 2018 clown tour watch the highlights here

La Mercè BARCELONA 2019

Clown Me In La Playa!

No really, that was the name of our 2019 Barcelona show in La Merce Festival! We were invited, along with many other great Lebanese artists and performers, to put on our shows for a totally new audience, alongside other local and international acts. Which is why we also took this opportunity to finally get ourselves some new costumes, designed by Zeina Boueiry, and it must be said, in all modesty, we look faaaaahbulous.