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Lebanon’s population is hit by the worst economic and social crisis in its history. The deteriorating situation is affecting the wellbeing of kids and youth and is affecting both mental health and social cohesion. 

Many areas in Lebanon are lacking open spaces for free expression, due to peer-pressure, political censorship, and confessional tensions. Communities such as migrant workers and refugees are excluded from participating in public debate and having a say in matters that affect their lives. 

Children and youth in remote areas lack spaces for culture, creativity, and empowerment. In Beirut, the harsh living conditions have put pressure on people’s mental health and wellbeing. In the absence of culture, art, and democratic debates, this tension is expressed in the streets and can erupt in violence anytime.

To face these increasing challenges, we find ourselves committed to increasing our interventions and building on our experience in social therapy and street theater, to offer more relief to the most affected areas and social groups.

By donating to Clown Me In…

  • You will help people affected by the Beirut Blast cope with their loss through psycho-social sessions
  • You will help people in remote areas to experience art through street performances
  • You will empower youth through training to become artists and deal with the challenges of their communities
  • You will help reduce the tensions between host communities and refugees
  • You will help women from different communities to learn new skills that will enable them to become actors of change in their areas 

How you can help…

Donate money through GlobalGiving.

By donating, you help us increase our interventions, independent from project-based funding, to broaden our reach through performances and workshops, in a more flexible way.

These donations will be used to pay for the transportation of our performers and facilitators in our tour van, their food during the long working days, and a small remuneration for their efforts. In this way, you can help us reach as many people as possible.

Become a member and support us monthly!

By becoming a member and paying a monthly membership of 10 USD (or 100 USD yearly), you can participate in the conception of our work and contribute to our efforts, by becoming an ambassador for Clown Me In. We will inform you about our events regularly and invite you to a member’s gathering once a year, to experience our work from behind the scenes. You will also be offered the chance to book our performances for your private company events or family events, for a special, members-only fee. 

If you are interested, click here to fill in the application form for members, or follow this link to Global Giving platform.

Corporate Donations or Sponsoring

Are you a company looking to make a sustainable change in the world? Does your company share our belief in the power of art in healing people’s pain? We are open for partnerships with companies. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our tours, or a corporate donation for a special theme, please contact us at: or call : +961 76 526 689. We will be happy to look into a possible collaboration.

Gift as Donation

Are you celebrating a special occasion and don’t want to receive gifts from your guests? Do you want to use this occasion to make a change in the world? Ask your invitees to donate money to Clown Me In instead of buying gifts. We can send you a poster to print out and a fun video to launch your event with.

Pay it Forward

For every performance booked privately, you can finance another performance for free in a remote area. Our prices depend on the duration and number of performers. Contact us to think of a concept that fits your occasion and the expectations of your guests.

We also offer team-building activities that help teams bond and grow together through laughter. By booking our training, you can help us finance another capacity-building activity for a group of young people in a disadvantaged area.

Become a volunteer from home

Are you interested in our work and want to help us reach more people with our performances? You can help us from anywhere in the world, by organizing small events or selling our gadgets or self-made products and donating the money for a clowning performance.

Buy our products

By buying our fun and creative merchandise like tote bags, soap bubble wands, bubble concentrates, and other cool gadgets, you help us spread the message to a wider community and become our moving billboard! This way, you help us spread our work and gain more support to reach those who need love at most.

If you are a company looking for special corporate gifts for your employees or clients, we would be happy to offer our special artistic products from our clown artists.

Contact us for more details!

Besides financial contributions, you can also help by subscribing to our newsletter, staying informed and spreading the news. You can also share our work on social media and by word of mouth.

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By buying our fun and creative merchandise like tote bags, soap bubble wands, bubble concentrates, and other cool gadgets, you help us spread our message to a wider community and offer more free performances and workshops to people who need it! Write us an Email at stating the number of  items needed and your contact information and we … Continue reading Merchandise