Every year Clown Me in runs different kinds of workshops with Lebanese and International multidisciplinary trainers and artists: whether for theatre practitioners, clowns, artists, kids, teenagers and general public members, everybody gets the chance to experience something new and enjoyable and apply it on a personal and/or professional level.

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“Creative Arts for CHange” is a project implemented by Clown Me In (Beirut DC) and Clowns Without Borders Sweden over two years, from 2017-2019. It involves training 24 artists in social therapy, game therapy, clowning, improv and puppetry. These artists then go to refugee camps and disadvantaged communities around the country to give workshops to … Continue reading CATCH

We Must Clown

  يهدف مشروع “تهريج إجباري” إلى جمع إثنا عشر مؤدٍ غير محترف (فلسطينيين، سوريين، ولبنانيين) مختارين من المجتمعات المهمّشة و المتركزة في خمس ضواحٍ من لبنان (بيروت، جبل لبنان، البقاع، الجنوب والشمال). سيمنح هؤلاء برنامج تدريبي محترف عن فن التهريج في مدينة بيروت لتمكين قدراتهم وسينتج عرض واحد يؤدى في خمس مناطق مختلفة في لبنان … Continue reading We Must Clown

Clown me in workshop golf club 2019

Clowning for kids

As a follow up to our performances for children, we suggest staging workshops with our young audiences. Clown Me In’s workshops for children include juggling, spinning plates, gymnastic ribbons, hula hooping (and other circus skills), giant bubbles, interactive (forum) theater, and music. Head over to our blog by clicking on the links below to find … Continue reading Clowning for kids

Clown Workshops

Clown Me In uses clowning techniques to help people find the inner clown waiting to be discovered in each one of us. With our workshops we help participants focus on personal rebuilding, exploring humour and laughter, learning to let go, say yes, and acknowledge wounds and weaknesses in a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere. Psychological wounds do … Continue reading Clown Workshops

Social therapy

Social therapy is group psychotherapy in which clients work together with therapists to create a therapeutic environment that facilitates social-emotional growth. It is a collaborative, creative and non-medical approach designed to help people who are in emotional pain, experiencing relationship or family difficulties or just feeling stuck in their lives. The group, often made up … Continue reading Social therapy

Digital storytelling

The Digital Storytelling workshop is based on the social therapy process (click here to find out more), but with an emphasis on exploring personal stories and turning them into short movies. All movies are shown within the group, and some go on to be screened in the participants’ home communities or at film festivals. Click … Continue reading Digital storytelling

Fit for business

It’s a good recipe for us adults, to mix a little clown within the drama of work, to lighten the load and have a laugh and bit of warmth with co-workers in the midst of the seriousness we find ourselves in. The key to an effective team is to have members who complement on another. … Continue reading Fit for business