Clowning For Adults

Clown Me In uses clowning techniques to help people find the inner clown waiting to be discovered in each one of us. With our workshops we help participants focus on personal rebuilding, exploring humour and laughter, learning to let go, say yes, and acknowledge wounds and weaknesses in a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Psychological wounds do not disappear without leaving scars. Clowning is a healing tool that doesn’t erase the wounds, but transforms them and helps us to use them in a positive way.

It’s a challenge, a revelation. But mostly, it´s a lot of fun to get to know yourself!

Working with the inner clown means exploring something very personal. Often, this allows people to embrace areas of their lives that are perceived as wounds or faults and can be emotionally difficult to address.

We Must Clown

يهدف مشروع “تهريج إجباري” إلى جمع إثنا عشر مؤدٍ غير محترف (فلسطينيين، سوريين، ولبنانيين) مختارين من المجتمعات المهمّشة و المتركزة في خمس ضواحٍ من لبنان (بيروت، جبل لبنان، البقاع، الجنوب والشمال). سيمنح هؤلاء برنامج تدريبي محترف عن فن التهريج في مدينة بيروت لتمكين قدراتهم وسينتج عرض واحد يؤدى في خمس مناطق مختلفة في لبنان بمشاركة … Continue reading We Must Clown