Clown Me In has been spreading laughter, fighting inequality and healing through the power of art since 2008, both in Lebanon and abroad.

The association began with Sabine Choucair. Today, more than 50 clowns have been trained to participate in the annual tours and projects. Since then, Choucair has worked around the world, in Mexican, Lebanese, Palestinian, Indian, Brazilian, Moroccan, Jordanian, Syrian, Greek, Swedish, German, and British communities. The team of clowns is mainly active in Lebanon.

We believe that all people, regardless of their background and age, deserve to have access to the healing powers of arts, laughter and play. Our workshops and performances provide art therapy and capacity-building that empower people and encourage dialogue between communities. 

  • Our vision is to democratize art and use it as a tool for solving social challenges.
  • Our mission is to offer people ways to deal with difficulties through art, laughter and capacity-building workshops and to reach communities through street performances.

We work with children,adults and young people from all ages and backgrounds (Lebanese, refugees and disadvantaged communities)

Our workshops can be used by Teams as team-building activities or by individuals working on their individual development.

We follow a sustainable approach, through advocacy and interventions on the ground. We reach the affected communities and individuals through our activities and advocate for social change and justice, in Lebanon and the world, through our artivism campaigns.