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We are proud to announce the release of our new merchandise to support our current projects.  We are now offering around 24 free shows to different community and your contribution can help us give more shows.

How can you help?

You can purchase any of our merchandise:

  • We released a set of tote bags in 2019 designed by Mohamad Kraytem and Ehab el Haddad through our online contest. They are now available for sale in Beirut through us directly
  • Our gorgeous illustrations from VAN12 (from The Caravan series) are transformed into beautiful stationary (sketchbooks, to-do lists, and bookmarks) that can be ordered from us through email, or during our events
  • Our beautiful 2018 tote bags, illustrated by Dima Nachawi
  • Clown Me In stickers to show support and help us reach more people
  • Soap Bubble concentrate, perfected by Sabine Choucair, to enjoy the same bubbles we make during our shows

CLOWN ME IN Totebag - ehab al haddadCLOWN ME IN Totebag - Mohamad kraytem

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Clown Me In notebooks Dima Nachawi-9718

Did you purchase a wand and bubble concentrate?

Well… we are very happy to tell you that you are contributing to a free clown show to one of the communities we usually play with. So, THANK YOU! 😍😀

We will also tell you how to use it 😉

  • Add 10 cups of water for each cup of concentrate. But hey! Start with half a cup ‘cause it makes a loooot of bubbles!
  • Mix them gently without causing foam
  • Let the wand soak
  • BE PATIENT! You won’t immediately find great results, but don’t give up! Keep trying, until you find your rhythm and learn how to hold your wand and follow the wind.
  • You can always contact us for assistance 🙂

Don’t tell anyone, but here is some expert insights!!

  • The concentrate gets better with time so mix it the night before your session, jiggle and shake the mix gently
  • You can also put the mix in a jar and make sure that you turn the jar upside down over night AND before making the bubbles
  • ALWAYS check the production date on the jar. The best concentrate is usually obtained after two or three weeks of production.
  • Humid weather helps make bigger bubbles, you should see me make them in Beirut 😀

Enjoy your bubbles wherever you are and send us pictures

Bubble Wand & Soap Merch Clown Me In

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