Clown Shows

Our clown show is strictly dedicated to an audience of a very limited range from 1 to 120 years old. It is super fun, full of laughter and very interactive. It also tackles serious issues that our clowns believe should be addressed, like bullying, personal hygiene, caring for the environment, sorting and recycling, social interactions, mental health, physical health, social distancing, and many more. All transposed into fun scenes so our messages are better delivered to our audiences.

We have performed in several Lebanese cities and villages, especially in places where theaters and this form of art is absent. We’ve also had the opportunity to perform abroad as a troupe, and our founder Sabine Choucair has been performing all over with Clowns Without Borders. 

Comic Relief & Shows 2021

Comic Relief Tour April to June In these tours, supported by Payasos Sin Fronteras, we performed 50 shows between April 13 and 25th, and from May 5th to June 14th reaching an audience of over 3000 persons. These tours were a continuation of the Comic Relief tour that started in 2020 after the Beirut explosion … Continue reading Comic Relief & Shows 2021

SOS Ksarnaba

7th of April 2022. The Clown Me In team was invited to perform a surprise clown show for the SOS kids in Ksarnaba, Bekaa. It was right after the iftar dinner. The show was an absolute success and a great immersive experience with the kids. The evening started with the clowns merging with the crowd, all their props on their backs, following the one clown reading a folded map, trying to find a place to park and start the show. That was the interactive part of the show with the kids. After an exhausting trip of scouting around the crowd, the clowns were called to start the show, hopped on their imaginary bus and that’s how this journey began.

Comic Relief Tour 2020

The Beirut blast on August 4th caused widespread destruction in the city; around 300,000 housing units damages, more than 200 deceased victims, thousands injured, and countless families left with no shelter. Everyone was in a state of shock and couldn’t grasp what happened to our city and its habitants. On the first few weeks, we … Continue reading Comic Relief Tour 2020

La Mercè BARCELONA 2019

Clown Me In La Playa! No really, that was the name of our 2019 Barcelona show! We were invited – along with many other great Lebanese artists and performers – to put on our shows for a totally new audience, alongside other local and international acts. Which is why we also took this opportunity to finally … Continue reading La Mercè BARCELONA 2019


In April-May 2019, as part of a collaboration with Friends of Kayany Foundation, we did a mini-tour for 5 days, 3 of which where for schools for Syrian refugees in the Bekaa. For the other two days, we had to do a small fundraiser and collect donations to able to perform for more people. In … Continue reading CLOWN TOUR 2019

Clown Tour 2018

For the 2018 tour, and following the We Must Clown project, Stephen Sobal from All In Theatre joined Sabine Choucair from Clown Me In to train the new clowns and artists of We Must Clown. Clowns from Clown Me In and our new We Must Clown members devised the show together and started touring –from … Continue reading Clown Tour 2018


We have just finished our 2017 Clown Tour of Lebanon and whilst we clowns recover from the 10 days of back to back performances we would like to take a minute to thank everybody who supported us through our generosity campaign and fundraisers and helped make this tour a reality. We went up and down … Continue reading CLOWN TOUR 2017