Invite us to your event or party!

Our clowns will perform typical hosting duties, such as greeting guests, taking names and showing them around. This will be carried out in full clown character with spontaneous intermittent clown skits performed amongst guests.

We will tailor our intervention to suit the event, wether you are raising awareness for a particular cause or simply throwing a party.

It’s always fun to add some humor to formal events!

If you are interested in having  Clown Me In host for you, please contact us here or send us an email to

British Council

We had so much fun greeting the guests of the British Council dinner and making them laugh whenever needed.

Happiness At Work

Our clowns made a funny and special appearance at the first Happiness at Work conference happening in Beirut on 11 October 2018. Addressing the importance of happiness in the work space was demonstrated by the presence of our clowns who entertained the crowds and made them laugh.

It didn’t feel like work, so we must be doing something right!

Clown me in happiness at work 2018 - 2
Clown me in happiness at work 2018

Check it out here (Photos by Le Studio by SJ)