CRC; Celebrating the Rights of Children

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In 2019, throughout August and September, we teamed up with UNICEF once again to create a brand new touring project called CRC; Celebrating the Rights of Children.

إذا حداً عملنا شي ضد حقنا،[ بدنا]  نحاسبه،[و] نكون عارفين شو حقنا- تامر، ١١ سنة

If someone does something against our rights, we should hold them accountable and know what our rights are – Tamer, 11 years old

By teaming up with Mouvement Social, as well as different municipalities, we went around to different areas in Lebanon to put on performances, followed by super fun and interactive games.
We set up different stations and decorations around each space, including Alwan (the painting station), Shababeek (the memory game about childrens’ rights), Hikaya (the interactive theatre station) and Cirque (the circus games station). All the stations had differently decorated “doors” that we built specifically for this event, to lead the groups of kids through and to call attention to each stand.

The activities gave the kids the chance to be part of a mini-play about inclusion and equality, learn about their rights and how to tell when they’re being deprived of them, express themselves through painting, and play with hula hoops, all within three hours! 

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أكتر شي حبيتن هني “الشبابيك” “والمسرحية”. “الشبابيك” لأن خبرتنا عن حقوق الطفل، يعني زادت معلوماتي. “والمسرحية” لأن خبرونا إن إنو لازم ما نميز بين الأطفال المعوقين والأطفال العادي. ومن هالشي علموا الأطفال وخلون يكونوا مثلهم مثلنا- نرمين-١٤ سنة

The games I liked most were Shababeek and Hikaya. Shababeek because it taught us about Childrens’ rights, so I learned something new. And the play because it taught us that we shouldn’t differentiate between kids who have disabilities and kids who don’t. This taught the kids that we’re all the same – Nermin, 14 years old

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We also want to take a second to thank the amazing volunteers in each area who helped us by organizing the kids into groups and leading them around the different games, we couldn’t have done it without them! (there’s only so much that ten clowns can do on their own!) 

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So far, we’ve reached over 3,660 of children and adults around the country, in places like Baysour, Nabatieh, Minyara, Beirut and Qabb Elias, with a few more shows still on the way!

Keep an eye out on our social media pages where we’ll be announcing the upcoming dates!