Ideas Box

We are very excited to be taking part in the IDEAS BOX project in collaboration with INTERSOS and the Geothe Institut which started in April and will be running through the summer.

The aim is to provide local youth in Choueifat with social therapy sessions designed to explore personal stories in a safe and judgment free environment. The teens are encouraged to work as a team and the sessions revolve around play, imagination and team work.

Chantal of of Clown Me In’s amazing clowns, has been running the theatre and storytelling workshop sin April, introducing the teenagers to different theatre techniques.

Her sessions begin with dynamic group exercises to strengthen bonds within the group. The focus is then shifted onto the individual to help participants to connect with themselves and find their inner strength and stories before partaking group storytelling and theatre exercises.

We are looking forward to beginning the digital storytelling part of the project with Joelle very soon!

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