Mosaik School – South of Lebanon

Salhieh – Saida – South of Lebanon…

A school for children with special need… newly built, the smell of paint is still filling the place, endless empty rooms prepared nicely and neatly and waiting for the kids to come on the 13th of October….

So much echo that one only needs to whisper in order for the whole school to vibrate…

Now add to that, 30 educators, 31 laughter per second and imagine how it was like when spending 2 days there, clowning around!

I do not need to meet the kids or see the educators working with them to know that the atmosphere is relaxed, the love is out there and everybody enjoys it…. it’s a marvelous needed school in Lebanon, I would even say … one of a kind !!!!!

with open, creative, loving team, that I had the chance to clown with.

Pictures say it all…

so enjoy…

hopefully as much as we enjoyed!

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