Clown Me IN-dia

Clown Me IN-dia

And here we are, Gabriela Munoz and Sabine Choucair, clowning around India with Clown Me In… Farah Kassem is also with us taking lovely pictures and videos…. what an experience…

The journey started in Dhampur, where the director of the school “Rajesh” and his wife “Nisha” who was wearing a beautiful colorful sari, welcomed us with some Chai and coffee… We certainly got to the sweetest place ever. Colors were sweet, people were sweeter and the smell of sugar everywhere…

Wasn’t a coincidence to smell this in the air. Apparently we are indeed in Dhampur Sugar Mills and we were to be hosted at the guest house of the sugar factory…
A lovely big house, a great cook and again lots of sweet people all around.

Now the school is amazing too..the rooms are mostly dedicated for sports games like squash, basketball, gym, they even have a swimming pool, a space for music, for carpentry, and lots of classrooms where desks are put in a form of an “L”… That’s a proper school of new age.

At school with the kids we had lots of fantastic moments. Pushp Niketan school is a school of new age, the teachers and children are all happy at all times, they have freedom and no stress whatsoever, which really reflects on the way they behave and the love they have for each other. We learned a lot from them, we enjoyed how playful they were in class and how creative they are. We remember one time we were doing the butoh exercise and asked a boy to have the angry face … He smiled to us and moved his head the Indian way and said yes yes angry…We burst with laughter, it was extremely funny and sweet to us how he expressed his anger with such a happiness that you only have to be that transparent to feel it.
In general anyway, the Pushp Niketan school was full of transparent people, just like its directors, the marvelous couplle, Nisha and Rajish.

It was quite emotional to leave this school. We went into a parade all together with music and clowning around all the classes…

even Farah put her red nose to take some pictures

Our last session with the teachers, was mostly playing the cat and mouse game that they loved and talking and sharing thoughts and sensations… Then they bought us saris…. And drew on our hands some henna so we won’t forget them…. As if they are to be forgotten…

Since that day, we talk about them and how beautiful they were… How caring, how emotional to leave the school, the people, the atmosphere, the sugar mills…

The second part of the Journey, is at Riverside school in Ahmedabad…. now this, we will tell you about it when it’s done!!!!! and more and more to come when we go to Chandigarh and Dehradun to work with some street performers 🙂 ….

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