Digital storytelling

The Digital Storytelling workshop is based on the social therapy process (click here to find out more), but with an emphasis on exploring personal stories and turning them into short movies. All movies are shown within the group, and some go on to be screened in the participants’ home communities or at film festivals.

Click here to find out more information and watch the videos from our digital storytelling project Seeing the Self which has toured many film festivals around the world.

Our workshop begins with storytelling activities within the group to allow participants to explore different stories and chose one they’d like to share with a wider audience. They then collaborate with the workshop leaders to turn that story into a one to five minute film.

Developing their personal stories helps participants to explore difficult aspects of their lives, and sharing these stories helps to highlight the struggles and experiences shared by many people.

Participants need no technical background in filmmaking to attend the workshop, though most assist in the technical process by shooting footage, recording sound and assisting the project facilitators during editing.

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