Activities in Confinement with KAFA

Are you at home? You’re 1 year old or a 100 years old?
CLOWN ME IN decided to share games you can play alone or with your family at home to keep a good physical and psychological routine.

For these videos, we collaborated with KAFA Association to create 5 videos giving people at home ideas that are safe to do at home with the family.

Now share it and play it. But most importantly, GET OFF THE SCREEN and enjoy your time


قاعد/ة بالبيت؟ عمرك سنة او ١٠٠ ؟
نحنا بفريق “كلاون مي ان” بلّشنا نسجّل العاب ممكن تلعبوها لحالكن او مع اهلكن / اولادكم بالبيت للحفاظ عالصّحة النفسية والجسدية.
اوّل ٥ العاب كانوا بالتعاون مع جمعية كفى
شيّروها والعبوها واهم شي زيحوا من قدّام الشاشة