Activities in Confinement with KAFA

Are you at home? You’re 1 year old or a 100 years old?
CLOWN ME IN decided to share games you can play alone or with your family at home to keep a good physical and psychological routine.

For these videos, we collaborated with KAFA Association to create 5 videos giving people at home ideas that are safe to do at home with the family.

Now share it and play it. But most importantly, GET OFF THE SCREEN and enjoy your time


قاعد/ة بالبيت؟ عمرك سنة او ١٠٠ ؟
نحنا بفريق “كلاون مي ان” بلّشنا نسجّل العاب ممكن تلعبوها لحالكن او مع اهلكن / اولادكم بالبيت للحفاظ عالصّحة النفسية والجسدية.
اوّل ٥ العاب كانوا بالتعاون مع جمعية كفى
شيّروها والعبوها واهم شي زيحوا من قدّام الشاشة

Healthcare Clowning International Meeting

400 clowns from 50 different countries and 150 healthcare clown organisations gathered in Vienna for the very first Healthcare Clowning International Meeting hosted by Red Noses, and Sabine was one of them!

She was invited to give a workshop passing on methods she has used in Lebanon and elsewhere when working with refugees and disadvantaged communities. She led her workshop ‘We must clown: different artistic formats to engage with refugees’ on the first day of the conference for a group of 20.

Together they had a lot fun, playing games and engaging in focused exercises but they also talked about the use of clowning in crisis zones. They listened to stories recorded from children during The Caravan projects to help to contextualise the work that we do at Clown Me In and discussed the techniques we use.

“The conference was an incredible experience, all these awesome clowns gathered together in one space in a frenzy of silliness, laughter and practical jokes all in the context of a huge learning experience. It was fantastic to hear from so many very accomplished clowns working in healthcare clowning, leading fascinating and eye opening conversations about our form of art and performance, it’s techniques and effects.” – Sabine

Upon her return Sabine exclaimed that it was definitely one of the most fun conferences she had ever been to, and honestly who can blame her? An auditorium full of 400 clowns? Who wouldn’t want to be there!