Social therapy

Social therapy is group psychotherapy in which clients work together with therapists to create a therapeutic environment that facilitates social-emotional growth. It is a collaborative, creative and non-medical approach designed to help people who are in emotional pain, experiencing relationship or family difficulties or just feeling stuck in their lives.

The group, often made up of people of different ages and backgrounds, creates an environment that will help all its members through collaboration and improvisation. Together, participants create the conditions of their own therapy where the group is the therapeutic unit. This allows group members to continue supporting each other after the workshop leader leaves.

In Clown Me In’s social therapy workshops we use music, theatre, poetry, community projects, sports, and storytelling to enable people to experience life in new ways. We do not seek to solve problems, but to help participants accept life’s difficulties and create practical, positive ways to deal with them.

Clown Me In’s social therapy workshops are led by Sabine Choucair who is a certified social therapist.

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