IOM Trainings: Tripoli

On the 6th of January 2020, we held the closing session for the women’s group in Tripoli with our trainers Stephanie Sotiry, Nidal Ayoub, and Yassine El Msallakh.

The women decided to have a small celebration at the IOM center in Tripoli. They brought along their young children, taking advantage of the fact that the 6th was an official school holiday. We decorated the center, had snacks, cake, tea and coffee, danced, and had a good time.

The trainers noted during the women’s workshop that the “nature” of listening changed in the group. In the beginning of the sessions, the participants were impatient, expressing themselves all at the same time, not being able to listen to each other finish their sentences. From the 3rd session onwards, the communication in the group started to change. The women cared/ listened to each other more and the trainers saw a complicity between them especially during improvisation and collective exercises.  

As for the children’s group in Tripoli, it was noted that the children’s group was quite difficult to deal with. But following a few sessions, the kids started to cooperate more: they sat down to eat together and shared their days at school, their hobbies and interests. It was very rewarding for the trainers to watch the kids perform with so much excitement and motivation.

Check out some of the photos and videos taken during the training sessions of the women participating in expressive arts exercises and clowning exercises.

IOM Trainings Tripoli Clown Me In - 14.jpgIOM Trainings Tripoli Clown Me In - 7.JPGIOM Trainings Clown Me In Tripoli 9