IOM Trainings: Baysariyeh

13 women were chosen to participate in the training with the Clown Me In Trainers. Cohesion and bonding developed between the women who impressively took the initiative regarding the final project where they suggested creating a number of puppets and distributing them to the children in their local community. The women reported that the workshop contributed to their venting out during the activities. Their social connection also contributed to them having this space and time to themselves, away from their families and homes. They also used the games and activities to have fun with their children.

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As for the children group in Baysrieh, they were between 9 and 10 in number. The trainers addressed issues of bullying among the group, and some minor gender stereotyping issues. These issues were dealt with through group discussions and through setting the general rules of the workshop. The trainers also discussed with the group the fact that they ought to support each other rather than bully each other. 

The trainers had noticed that the children were lacking proper personal hygiene. Therefore, for their final project, they decided to focus on that matters. They created short scenes and had the children perform them. The children used hygiene props such as toothbrushes and soap. They also created puppets: “The Bacteria Puppet” and the “The Cleanliness Puppet”, and they used them in their performances.

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“I came to discover whether it is a fun workshop, or lectures. I realized that it was totally different than what I had expected.”

“I went back to being a child; I had completely forgotten these games since a long time ago.”

“I was struggling with a heavy sense of pressure which went away with the activities. I was able to vent all the anxiety away.”

“I hadn’t laughed like this in a long time”.

“I was surprised with the acting talent that came out of me. I would await the following session eagerly.” 

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