IOM Trainings: Baalbek

12 women attended the training in Baalbek with Clown Me In. The sessions were quite a success. The women spoke of the benefits this whole process has made already in their wellbeing. Although the women had no great artistic techniques, they encouraged each other just by being receptive, and they expressed their feelings without restrictions. They managed in a joint effort to reach a unison, despite their differences, in the artworks they made. The results were beautiful.

IOM Baalbek Clown Me In 10.jpgIOM Baalbek Clown Me In 11.jpg

16 children attended the training in Baalbek as well. It was quite amazing for the trainers to see them evolve through the session, and how they would listen more easily to each other as the sessions advance. They also found the clown exercises to be very exciting and the trainers could see how those who came up on stage found a lot of courage and joy to do so and asked to pass again. For their final projects, both groups created large paintings on big canvas, which was a great tool for the groups to cooperate together and to express themselves in the collective painting. 

IOM Baalbek Clown Me In 2.jpgIOM Baalbek Clown Me In 1.jpgIOM Baalbek Clown Me In 8.jpgIOM Baalbek Clown Me In 5.jpg