CAPE 2021

CAPE is a project that started with Clown Me In and Clowns Without Borders Sweden as CATCH.

Its aim is to support girls and women affected by war and conflict, minority groups, groups in vulnerable economic situations and women and girls exposed to violence and harassment, by strengthening their psychosocial wellbeing – a way to find peace within while working for peace in the world.

From July to December 2021, Clown Me In team gave 13 workshops. The workshops were given by 13 members over a period of 6 days, with a 3-hours session daily and one last day for the final project.
The workshops took place in different parts of the country.
For this project, Clown Me In worked with 7 different associations and overall this year, CAPE has reached around 220 participants, mainly females.

You made me feel alive again, not just waiting to fade away.

(a 73 years old woman who had lost all her belongings in the 4th of August blast)

“I am saturated! I can’t focus on serious exercises, I need silly stuff, movements, dancing and laughter. And this is why I wait for these sessions even when I am in pain. (she stayed sitting on the sofa the whole time)

(a widow and fire victim whose feet were severely injured)

I haven’t laughed this way for about two years, I feel like an infant.


When we go home everyone around us asks: what are you doing in these sessions because you have changed.