CAPE in Lockdown

As the decision was made to switch CAPE project online and after a period of lockdown during which the trainers were not able to meet regularly and keep their practice, it was important for all trainers/facilitators to refresh their knowledge/experience about what they have already learned and delivered and think together about how the programme could be best delivered online. 

A total of nine workshops were organised with CAPE trainers/facilitators over three weeks.
The workshops aimed to create a space for the trainers/facilitators to reflect on their practices and lessons learned from delivering CAPE sessions over the last year and provide an opportunity to further develop their skills and adapt their techniques and activities to the online delivery. 

By keeping in line with the objectives of the project and the aims of the sessions and by using their own creativity, the trainers worked together on adapting the structure of the sessions, as well as each exercise and activity. We thought holistically about the needs of the different groups they will be working with, and how to best respond to these needs and benefit these groups particularly at this period of lockdown and restrictions.

The trainers/facilitators used specific themes to comprehensively develop the sessions in a way that will promote the wellbeing of the communities and provide these groups with a safe space to express themselves, be present and grounded, play, have fun and explore with their own creativity. 

During the workshops, the trainers/facilitators familiarised themselves with the technical aspects of delivering the sessions online, by exploring the different features of the online platform and how they can be utilised to facilitate, support and have more fun during each exercise and activity.
This was a great opportunity for the trainers/participants to become more prepared and confident with the use of online platforms and to explore what could or couldn’t be done online. 

The importance of the workshops also lied in bringing all trainers together as a CAPE community to work collaboratively and develop their practices by learning from each other and building on their strengths.

As the project will resume online in March, more workshops will be organised with the trainers/facilitators to follow-up with them and reflect on their experience of delivering the sessions online. This will be an opportunity to understand the challenges as well the opportunities and learn together how to take this project forward in the future.