Yassine Msallakh

Yassine got introduced to clowning through participating in We Must Clown project by Clown Me In in 2017, then taking the workshop again in 2018 and joining the group afterwards.
He started working in theater in Syria in 2010 with Adonia Theater Company in several performances. He volunteered at “Jouwa” group for social development through arts. Yassine was part of a film that was awarded third in a festival in As-Salamiya as well as being part of writing scripts for a children’s awareness theater campaign “Keep it Clean” in collaboration with the UN and Al Agha Khan foundation.
In 2017, he moved to Lebanon and volunteered with Syrian Eyes group in Syrian Refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley. Yassine also completed several artistic trainings and residencies with groups and NGOs like Clown Me In, Scenario, Zoukak, and Itijahat.
Currently Yassine works in theater training for children and young adults in Scenario foundation as well as being a performer with Clown Me In