Sally Souraya

Sally clown me in

Sally Souraya is a visual storyteller and performer currently based in London. Sally’s creative practice is at the intersection between art, anthropology and activism. She is interested in site specific and street performances, as a process of catalysing, raising awareness and promoting social change. 

Sally joined Clown Me In in 2014, when she attended a clowning training with the group and participated in several street attacks. Since then, Sally has been involved in several projects and initiatives with Clown Me In both as a performer and trainer. 

Sally’s clown persona “Ana” (which is a play on words by being a female name and also meaning “I” in Arabic). This reflects a character that has a lot of Ego, confidence and affirmation, but is also a split between two personalities, one which is very very serious and strict and another side that is feminine, sexy and playful!

In a parallel world, Sally is an occupational therapist and a global mental health expert. 

When combining her passions and expertises, Sally integrates art and therapeutic approaches to support mental health and promote wellbeing across different communities.