Layal Ghanem

Layal graduated from the Lebanese University, Institute of Fine Arts-II in 2003 as an actress and received her BA in fine arts from the same institute in 2013.

She has participated in several workshops such as mime with Myrna El hares, Biomechanics Aidar Zakirov, street performance with the Living Theatre, clowning with Yanna Haavisto and a series of preparatory Clown doctor workshops with Rodrigo Morgantes for the Ebtisama association program in hospitals, the alexander technique in “Voyage du geste” (seventh edition, in Lebanon): on the movement of the body and it’s expressions with Catherine Bayer and lucia Carbone, on the music and rhythm with Yvon Bayer, on the voice and vocal expression with Patricia D’Antona and Hugo Salevas, on the dynamics on stage or any other space with Nuno NNes. And is continuesly participating in the Clownmein workshops.

Also formed to the art of storytelling, she presented the storytelling TV program for children from 0-6 years, “Nam Al Kamar” on “Baraem”till 2016; And is now the presenter of the storytelling sequence in the “Fun Farm” program at “Sat7 Kids”. She also presents the Lebanese version of the Danish GPS program on Sat7 Kids.

She has taught theatre since 2003 in several schools including the Mont La Salle for four consecutive years and continues to teach for the 14th year now in the Ayadina Association. She has just started giving a theatre workshop for teenagers with the Astarte association. She also coaches child actors and presenters.

Layal has performed in several street performance projects like the “Caravan back to school” with Beirut DC and “not in my name” with the living theatre, on stage with directors like Camile Saleme and Hassan Preisler, on the big screen with Oualid Mwannes and Elie F. Habib, and on television in several series.

She has been part of Clown Me In since 2015.