Sara Berjawi

Sara studied Theatre at the Lebanese University. She has been involved in several theatrical projects over the past 7 years including street theatre, improvisation, and social theatre performances.She joined Clown Me In in February 2014 after going through clowning training with the group, where she created her clown alter-ego named “Ziza”. Since then she has been involved in several CMI projects.
In 2015, Sara participated in CMI’s short videos that addressed the garbage crisis in Lebanon, and she also participated in several street attacks along with the rest of the troupe. As a result of their “clowning activism”, the troupe ended up on the front page of a local newspaper (The Daily Star) in the summer of 2015.
Sara was also part of CMI’s tour of 2016 with UN-Habitat and the Swiss Embassy.

As part of her ongoing clowning training, Sara is currently taking juggling classes!