Current Performance

Our current performance was created in collaboration with Clowns Without Borders USA and We Must Clown. We have been touring this performance since our 2017 tour this autumn (you can hear more about THAT here and watch highlights from the tour here).


Our performance touches on issues such as hygiene, responsible garbage disposal, toilet and plastic surgery. Our performance is based on clown skits, gags and and some classic techniques and scenes.



The performances is highly visual and physical so understanding a specific language is not a prerequisite for enjoying our work. Although children love our performances we aim to engage all age groups – even the moodiest of teenagers have been know to get involved!


All of our work relies heavily on audience interaction and engagement, more than just observers our audiences are “protagonists”. We believe this is a much more democratic way of working and enables audiences to be co-creators of their own experiences.

 We propose staging workshops after the shows depending on the size of the audience and the possibility of dividing them into sub groups.

For children we propose:
A – Gymnastic ribbons
B – Giant bubbles
C – Hula hoop
D – Kazoo/Music

if you would like to buy our performance or for more information please contact us here or send us an email to