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Myanmar Tour

Clown Me In along with Clowns Without Borders will be sending a group of clowns to tour a show in Myanmar. The project is in collaboration with the Mine Advisory Group (MAG), which works on removing mines and runs programs focused on risk education.

CMI and CWB have previously done shows with MAG in Lebanon, with performances in 25 villages. The team will be performing for risk education in schools near towns at risk of landmine detonation, as well as for people in Displaced Person Camps.

The project runs between the 1st and 15th of December.

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Clown Tour 2018

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This year Stephen Sobal from All In Theatre joined Sabine Choucair from Clown Me In to train the new clowns and artists of We Must Clown. Clowns from Clown Me In and our new We Must Clown members devised the show together and started touring –from the 24th of October till the 4th of November– the new performance around Lebanon along with Hannah Elisabeth and Brendon Gawel from Clowns Without Borders USA who are also joining this year’s tour.

A big shoutout to all of you around the world who helped us fund this year’s tour and supported us through our yearly crowdfunding campaign.


We Must Clown project is funded by Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Middle East Office, Beirut and British Council Lebanon.

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