Current and upcoming projects

This is where you can keep up to date with all of Clown Me In’s upcoming performances. Keep checking back to see if there’s anything going on near you!

IIVVSS (2019)

The International Institute of Very Very Serious Studies is an institute that we will be opening in mid-2019 in which Lebanese and international artists will be giving workshops and classes to artists, students and the youth generation that is taking part in field workshops. This project aims to expand the artists’ and youths’ artistic skill set in Lebanon by building a community and a network of artists working in street arts in Lebanon and to take arts outside of the capital, strengthening society and sense of civic responsibility.

Trashion Show (2019)

The Trashion show is a fashion show in which 10 clowns will walk around public beaches, malls and other public spaces and rural areas around Lebanon wearing clothes and outfits made of trash. The project aims to highlight the issue we have concerning garbage in Lebanon by combining garbage collection, street performance, online videos and a ‘Trashion Show’.

We will work with humor, comedy and silliness as a tool to gently make people think about the consequences and scale of the garbage crisis and trigger a public dialogue around the problem with a view to abate it.

The trashion show is partially funded by AFAC.

Creative Arts for change – CATCH 08.2017-12.2018

Clown Me In is very excited to be collaborating with Clowns Without Borders Sweden on a new project called CATCH. We are training 24 artists in social therapy, game therapy, clowning, improv and puppetry. These artists will then go around the country to give workshops to groups of teenage girls and boys and adults from disadvantaged communities. Last year we trained female artists to work with women and teenage girls; this year we will be training male artists to work with men and teenage boys.
Click here for more information on how the project is going!


We have new show created in collaboration with Clowns Without Borders USA and the participants from We Must Clown in autumn ’18.

To find out more about the show click here and to help us tour it around Lebanon.

If you would like to book us for a private event please send us an email at for our proposal or get in touch with us through our website contact form.